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Therma Mend for: – Arthritis – Back Pain – Sciatic Nerve Pain – Neuropathy – Joint pain

Formulated with STEAM  distilled essential oils to insure highest quality. Because ALL NATURAL should be taken seriously.

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Here’s what one of the leading massage therapist in the Southeast had to say.

I get more results from 1 oz of Therma Mend than I did with an entire gallon of the topical pain reliever product I used before. Teresa Veal, LMTB Massage Therapist

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Therma Mend and Naturally Natural Top Support List Again! Our mission is to make customer support mean something again. = I must tell you that I truly believe Therma Mend is without doubt,  the best topical cream on the market.  If I didn’t believe that and had...

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Therma Mend Trending News

I have to admit, in the beginning I was a skeptic when it came to this Therma Mend. However, now I can honestly vouch, first hand, that this has helped me personally with my shoulder pain. Being deployed, working 72+ hours every week for months on end, and hitting the gym harder than ever, I’ve injured my shoulder. Since the injury, I’ve noticed that while using the Therma Mend, I have a greater range of motion in my arm and less pain if any at all, and I’m even able to continue working out with heavier weights as well. Without using this pain reliever, my daily pain level is increased and my rehab is slower. This creme has definitely aided my pain level and allowed me to shorten my recovery time through rehab. It’s a night and day difference when using the creme or going without it! Thanks again for shipping it overseas for me!! Jeff M., Deployed Middle East

Technical Sergeant , United States Air Force